Fianna: The Voice of Young Ireland
Date:1964 c.
Organisation: Sinn Féin [Pre 1970]
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Commentary From The Cedar Lounge Revolution

1st September 2014

Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive – it is part of a continuing project to post up Sinn Féin and (then) Provisional Sinn Féin materials from the 1960s onwards – and is very much appreciated.

This newspaper issued on behalf of ‘na Fianna Eireann – the national Boy Scouts’, the youth section of the IRA, was printed in 1964, to judge from the text, though no date is printed on it. It clearly dates from prior to the split in Sinn Féin and the IRA that led to the establishment of competing organisations.

It argues that:

…this paper is not the organ of any political party or society, but is confined solely to furthering the aims of Na Fianna Eireann’ which it argues is ‘a non-political, non-sectarian organisation’.

It notes that:

During the last few years, Na Fianna Eireann has resurrected itself and completely re-organised. The overseas units have been re-organised and Sluaite have been reformed in the principal cities and several of the principal towns at home.

It also notes that:

This year an intense effort was made by the Dublin Castle Lackey’s to crush the sale of the Easter Lily – Mr. Haughey’s way of showing respect to the men of ’16.

And it:

…takes this opportunity of congratulating all those republicans who defended the Easter Lily from the vicious onslaught of the Twenty-Six County Police during Easter 1963.

The rest of the paper contains the history of the Fianna and outlines the activities of same. There’s also a short piece on ‘The National Flag’.

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  • By: workers republicu Mon, 01 Sep 2014 19:51:44

    The phrase “the junior wing of the IRA ” is used almost universally as a sub-title for the IRA, but the accuracy of that description needs to be questioned. Whilst Fian (members) certainly played an important, indeed vital , supporting role as scouts in the post-69 campaign, especially in Belfast ; the BA called them “dickers”. Cumann na mBan played a similar role in Belfast . But, they were separate organizations, with separate histories and constitutions. A further indication of this both Fianna and C na
    mBan fell out with the IRA leadership at

    different times ( though this didn’t affect Fianna in the 6Co.s. As the Ard Taoiseach of Fianna lived in Cork in the 70/80s and many senior Fian lived far from the 6Co.s, there was a lack of
    connection between Fianna on both
    sides of the border.

    When the British propaganda office
    started referring to Fianna as the”junior

    wing of the IRA , Eamonn Mac Thomais
    put a photo of Fianna with old –
    fashioned wide brimmed hats and
    rubbished their claims. I wonder if that
    issue of An Phoblacht is in

    mBan fell out with the IRA BUT leadllll

    Reply on the CLR

  • By: workers republicu Tue, 02 Sep 2014 10:03:10

    In reply to workers republicu.

    Sorry for some typos;
    1st sentence should be:”junior wing of the IRA”
    Last sentence: “issue of An Phoblacht is in the archive.

    Reply on the CLR