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The Ulster Workers Council Strike of 1974 began

The Ulster Workers Council Strike began on the 15th of May 1974, having been called the day before by unionists and loyalists in opposition to the Sunningdale power sharing agreement. Continuing until the 28th of May, it resulted in the collapse of the short-lived Northern Ireland Assembly formed under that agreement.


The General Strike which took place in Ulster in May 1974 resulted in the fall of the devolved Government which had held office since January 1974, and the abolition of the entire Constitutional framework which had been established by the Sunningdale Agreement of December 1973 for the functioning of devolved Government in Ulster.
From The Ulster General Strike, by the Workers' Association [British & Irish Communist Organisation].

Opposition to the State Visit of the British Queen to Ireland

These documents oppose the state visit of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland  in 2011. The visit took place from 17th-20th May, with protests by the Irish Anti-War Movement, Eirígí and others. These documents promote those protests and other events in the lead up to the visit.

Details of this demonstration