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The Cork Communist Organisation was formed after resigning from the Irish Communist Organisation

The Cork Communist Organisation resigned from the ICO in response to their position on Republicanism. It later became the Cork Workers Club.

After an existence of 11 months the Cork Branch of the ICO on 31 January, 1971 seceded from the Irish Communist Organisation (ICO) and reconstituted itself as the Cork Communist Organisation (CCO). The decision to secede from the ICO was unanimous and followed several weeks discussion by the members of the Cork Branch. The following pamphlet outlines the circumstances which led to the split. The ICO statement on the split, ‘Nationalist Disruption of the Communist Movement’ (Irish Communist, May 1971) is also commented on in Part One, as are their statements ; ‘Nationalist Slander’ (Communist Comment, 21 August, 1971) and ‘Nationalist Disruption 2’ (Irish Communist, October 1971) in Part Two.
The introduction to "On the Resignation of the Cork Branch of the Irish Communist Organisation" notes the formation of the Cork Communist Organisation on 31st of January, 1971.