An Spréach Bookshop
Year:1980 c.
Organisation:An Spréach
Download: an-spreach-bookshop.jpg
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An Spréach Bookshop
70 Thomas St. Dublin 8
Open Sat. only 10.30-5.30

Marxist-Leninist Classics
The writings of James Connolly, Mao Tse Tung, and other socialist literature


Please note: The Irish Left Archive is provided as a non-commercial historical resource, open to all, and has reproduced this poster as an accessible digital reference. Copyright remains with its original authors. If used on other sites, we would appreciate a link back and reference to the Irish Left Archive, in addition to the original creators. For re-publication, commercial, or other uses, please contact the original owners.


Many thanks to Jim Lane for forwarding this image of a poster for the An Spréach bookshop which was situated on Thomas Street in Dublin during the early 1980s. This represented the numerically small Marxist-Leninist An Spreach group who later joined the IRSP. More details on An Spreach can be found here .


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