These overviews aim to provide more detailed accounts of particular topics, organisations or publications.


Collections highlight particular events or subjects that cut across the organisations and publications included in the archive.

1916 Easter Rising: Anniversaries and Commemorations collection

For the centenary of 1916, this collection highlights documents dating from previous anniversaries of the 1916 Rising, giving a view of how 1916 was assessed and commemorated from different perspectives throughout the 20th Century.

Documents: 9

1975: Official Sinn Féin/IRSP Split and Republican Feuds collection

Documents from the period of Republican feuds in 1975 involving the Officials and the newly formed IRSP, and the Provisional IRA.

Documents: 19

Abortion and reproductive rights collection

A collection of documents and articles related to abortion and reproductive rights policy and campaigns from a number of organisations in the archive.

Documents: 24

British Miners' Strike 1984/85 collection

Documents from the 1984/1985 British Miners Strike and support work in Tallaght, Dublin.

Documents: 11

Music in the Irish Left Archive collection

An overview of the music that appears in the archive, including song books and ballad columns in regular publications.

Documents: 10

National Association for Irish Justice First Annual Conference, 1969 collection

Documents from the 1st Annual Conference, National Association for Irish Justice, New York, 1969 – Dr. Frank Gogarty (Chair NICRA), Cathal Goulding (Republican Movement), Moira Martin (London NICRA), Eilish McDermott (People’s Democracy), Vincent MacDowell.

Documents: 8

Remembering 1969 collection

A number of documents relating to the events of 1969, which marked the beginning of the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

Documents: 21

The Hunger Strikes collection

Materials relating to the Hunger Strikes of 1980/1 in the archive.

Documents: 14

Wood Quay Protests collection

Documents related to the Wood Quay protests of 1978 and 1979, which sought to preserve the Viking site found on the planned site of Dublin Corporation's new offices.

Documents: 11


These articles provide a more detailed history of individual organisations or publications.

Irish Militant Tendency

It’s remarkable how short the entry for Irish Militant Tendency is on wiki. Here it is…


Irish Workers Group (1976) / Class Struggle

The Irish Workers Group (IWG) was formed sometime around the end of 1975 following a series of expulsions…

 Irish Workers' Group [1976]

Irish Workers Group: Responses

The overview of the Irish Workers’ Group from the Irish Left Open History Project (available here) received…

 Irish Workers' Group [1976]

Irish Workers' Group, 1966-1968

The Irish Workers Group (IWG) was formed in London in 1966, out of the divisions within the Irish Communist…

 Irish Workers' Group [1966]

League for a Workers’ Republic

According to D.R. O’Connor Lysaght in his Early History of Irish Trotskyism, the League for a Workers…

 League for a Workers Republic

League for a Workers’ Vanguard / Workers’ League – 1969 to c.1978

The League for a Workers’ Vanguard was formed in Belfast in 1969, later infiltrating the League for a…

 Workers' League

The Internationalists/Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist), Part One: 1965-1970

When The Internationalists were first set up in Trinity College Dublin in November 1965, it was not as…

 Communist Party of Ireland (Marxist-Leninist)

The Path to Marriage Equality in GCN: Part 1

It is a year since we voted not only to lift the ban on same-sex couples getting married, but to place…

 Gay Community News

The Path to Marriage Equality in GCN: Part 2

To mark the anniversary of the marriage equality referendum, The Irish Left Archive is publishing a short…

 Gay Community News

The Path to Marriage Equality in GCN: Part 3

To mark the anniversary of the marriage equality referendum, The Irish Left Archive is publishing a short…

 Gay Community News